Customer hostility and workplace aggression. How can managers and workplaces support employees?

How Sonder’s medical team supports a workforce in distress [Video]

The pandemic has exacerbated customer aggression and workplace distress, as well as highlighted gaps in employee support. What more can be done? How does Sonder’s medical team help our customers and their team members? At our recent event for retail…

Sonder Exec Lunch Event

Reimagining workplace wellbeing [Video]

We were pleased to recently welcome around 30 executives into Sonder HQ to discuss the topic of rethinking workplace wellbeing – an important topic on the minds of all people leaders, given the high percentages of mental health concerns but…

Blog header - How can you support your students differently

How can you support students differently? [Video]

Now that the world has been disrupted, what does the new horizon of student support look like? Do we know what constitutes meaningful, relevant, holistic and compassionate care during a period of deep uncertainty? Sonder’s Dr Jamie Phillips and Robert…

Line managers are not mental health experts

Line managers are not mental health experts [Video]

Dr Jamie Phillips, our medical director and head of member support, recently delivered a presentation for line managers at the Workplace Mental Health Symposium (WMHS). His key insights for managers were: 1. You are not a mental health expert –…


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