The wellbeing myths hurting Australian workplaces


Leading employee support company Sonder warns organisations to be vigilant as wellbeing myths boom during the Coronavirus pandemic.

To: Workplace, Industrial Relations, HR and WHS editors and reporters.

Who: Sonder’s chief executive Craig Cowdrey or Sonder’s medical director and head of member support, Dr Jamie Phillips.

When:  Craig Cowdrey and Dr Jamie Phillips are available now for in-person or phone (live or pre-recorded) interviews. A pre-written opinion piece is also available for editorial consideration.

What: Sonder has released an evidence-based report, 5 myths of employee wellbeing, to dispel the hype and misinformation surrounding workplace mental health and engagement strategies.


Key Points: 

  • Sonder, an award-winning wellbeing and safety company, is warning that some popular workplace mental health initiatives are hurting Australian workplaces.
  • The Coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed how employees work, and this has created the perfect environment for wellbeing myths and misinformation to boom.
  • Employee wellbeing matters. A Sonder-commissioned survey of 1,025 employees revealed that 42% took time off in the last 12 months because of concerns for their mental wellbeing and that 92% want their next employer to offer mental wellbeing support.
  • However, not all wellbeing initiatives are worthwhile. According to Sonder, the top five employee wellbeing myths are: 1. Paid time off cures burnout; 2. Digital-only is the answer; 3. Wellbeing cannot be measured; 4. Employees need psychological debriefing after traumatic events; and 5. Perks keep people engaged.
  • Sonder chief executive Craig Cowdrey cautions that these myths may be costing Australian organisations time, money and reputation. It’s crucial that decision-makers avoid shiny distractions and identify current wellbeing practices that may be preventing holistic reform.
  • "There's a real opportunity for companies to shift the focus from shiny, new benefits to creating systemic change that is necessary to better support employees," he said.


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About Sonder: Sonder is a leading Australian wellbeing and safety company accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS). Our solution is a technology-driven platform supported by 24/7 safety, medical, and mental health experts. This is backed up by a physical responder network that can be onsite within 20 minutes for time-sensitive scenarios, plus a capability to deliver unique and timely data insights which drive meaningful business decisions.

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