Organisational wellbeing and safety.

We provide innovative, 24/7, wellbeing and safety support for your people.

Imagine - personalised help for every situation.
Imagine - breaking down barriers and helping earlier.
Imagine - actionable insights for better decisions.

Imagine Sonder.


The right mix of tech and human support

  • Sonder app

    Easy access to wellbeing and safety features, a self-help library, location based alerts and direct contact with our expert team.

  • Human support

    Our in-house medical team and in-person responders provide emergency support, health advice, medical triage, and psychology services.

  • Sonder provides intimate Data and Insights on employees wellbeing and Safety

    Data and insights

    Anonymised, aggregated data produces valuable reports and dashboards for people-related risks, productivity impacts and cost savings.


People aren’t getting the help they need

The current system is broken. There are too many barriers when seeking support, especially when there are multiple issues at play. Over a third of your people are suffering in silence, and over time, their issues compound to breaking point. An approach is needed which breaks down barriers, puts the individual first and gets ahead of problems before it’s too late.

Sonder. One app. One go-to. One support system.
Medical, mental, wellbeing, safety.

  • Corporations


    trust Sonder to provide a single and convenient entry point for all of their wellbeing and safety programs.

  • Universities & schools


    rely on Sonder to help care for students and staff, keeping them safe and supported both on and off campus.

  • Government, health & social services

    leverage Sonder for medical and mental health support within the community.

Featured clients

Prevention is better than cure

Sonder is purpose built for the urgent and dynamic needs of today's world. We aren’t just experts in wellbeing; we’re experts in real people. Sonder is trusted to care and ready to respond to the safety and wellbeing of your people – every minute of every day.

What our members say

Everyone has a different reason for using Sonder, and every experience is important to us.

  • "Sonder helped me realise why I wasn’t sleeping - I thought it was my new job, but Sonder asked about different aspects of my life, which made me work through some personal things that were stressing me out - it really helped me reset."

    Member, VIC

    Member since May 2018

  • "We sometimes get aggressive customers at work. One time an issue kicked off when we were really short staffed. I couldn’t handle it and was super stressed. My boss told me to contact Sonder, and, before I knew it, a [Sonder] ex-policeman arrived to help out."

    Member, NSW

    Member since Mar 2021

  • "Speaking to a nurse immediately after Dad’s fall was a great help. I wasn’t sure how to help him, but the nurse gave me great advice. It was such a relief for us both - he’s also got Sonder now, which makes me much less stressed."

    Member WA

    Member, WA

    Member since Aug 2020

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Sonder is reimagining health, safety and wellbeing support. Sonder proves human centric care leads to earlier intervention. Sonder impacts one person at a time to drive meaningful change across an organisation. Sonder understands people and how to support them.