Hays UK&I see six-fold increase in engagement with Sonder

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Hays is a specialist in workforce solutions and recruitment with a workforce of 13,000 people across 33 countries.

Now they are making it easier than ever for their people to access 24/7 integrated medical, mental health and personal safety support by implementing Sonder's early intervention platform in the UK and Ireland.

And within just eight weeks of going live with Sonder, 34% of Hays employees across the UK&I have activated the service - a six-fold uplift on Hays' previous wellbeing offering.

"Sonder is playing a big part in supporting our health and wellbeing strategy,"

- Hannah Pearsall, Head of Wellbeing at Hays

Headhunting the best solution

Prior to implementing Sonder, Hays had been using three separate resources to provide health and wellbeing support to its workforce of over 2,700 across 79 sites in the UK and Ireland:

However, restrictions on operational availability, usage caps, and confusion among employees over which offering to use meant that previous uptake of the services was low.

With a small number of employees using the tools, Hays recognised the importance of addressing the shortcomings of the previous system.

"From providing reassurance to the parent of a sick child in the middle of the night, securing a GP appointment or helping a colleague achieve a healthier worklife balance - the 24/7 support available is a real game-changer for our staff. By providing a single point of entry, without any time or qualifying restrictions, our people are getting the right support at the right time - creating a happier and healthier workforce in the process."

- Hannah Pearsall, Head of Wellbeing at Hays

The Sonder app provides immediate, 24/7 support from a team of safety, medical, and mental health professionals who are accessible via instant chat or phone call. At the touch of a button, employees and their immediate family members can quickly access the right care at the right time.

Sonder drives high utilisation rates through its multiple entry points. Members can jump on the app to take a wellbeing assessment, read an article on managing stress or listen to a sleep meditation. Targeted safety notices also help to keep the app top of mind, so when a member's moment of need strikes, Sonder is ready to support.

Go from an article to an assessment to a live chat in minutes

"Organisations that invest in employee health, safety and wellbeing as a driver of growth are making the shift from reactive to preventative support. I'm thrilled that Hays is embracing this approach through Sonder's early intervention platform and I'm excited about the impact already achieved"

- Craig Cowdrey, CEO and Co-Founder, Sonder

About Sonder

Sonder is an Active Care technology company that helps organisations improve the wellbeing of their people so they perform at their best. Our mobile app provides immediate, 24/7 support from a team of safety, medical, and mental health professionals - plus onsite help for time-sensitive scenarios. Accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), our platform gives leaders the insights they need to act on tomorrow's wellbeing challenges today.

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