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About BINGO Industries

BINGO is a leading recycling and waste management company providing services across NSW and VIC. They recover millions of tonnes of materials each year, manufacture recycled products to support a circular economy and prevent waste from ending up in landfill. BINGO is pushing new ground to help businesses and communities work towards a Waste Free Australia.

BINGO's Chief People Officer, Jo Cairns, needed a new approach for the wellbeing and safety of their highly diverse workforce, known as GOGetters. The BINGO team comprises mobile workers working varied hours and a high number of EASL (English as a second language) staff, making for a varied and diverse set of cultural considerations.

The Challenge

BINGO's existing mental health counselling service was ineffective due to the stigma of seeking help in a male-dominated workforce, the need to self diagnose the underlying problem and limited accessibility outside of 9-5pm. As a result, issues went untreated, leading to increased absenteeism and claims.

"Through their holistic service offer. Sonder provides us with an amazing opportunity to extend the care we have for our people both in the workplace and at home. ensuring that our GOgetters feel supported in every aspect of their lives,"

Jo Cairns, Chief People & Safety Officer

The Solution

In September 2021, BINGO implemented Sonder, alongside an internal program called Speakup, which encouraged openness and sharing within the business. The combination of these initiatives would help drive cultural change and make it easier for people in need to access more assistance. The existing and traditional EAP solution would be retired in place of a more modern approach to employee care.

The Results

Within just four weeks, over 20% of the BINGO workforce had signed up to Sonder. The engagement of leaders from different business units proactively encouraged cultural change and adoption of Sonder. Stigma and cultural barriers have been broken down, leading to more employees reaching out for help, particularly during after-hours, with almost 50% of app usage occurring at night. Sonder's human-centric model, supported by clinical staff, has successfully uncovered hidden issues and provided multi-faceted and timely support, ultimately aiming to provide early assistance to individuals and prevent the impact on their well-being, families, colleagues, and the business as a whole.

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"We have had many BINGO members reach out, mostly through chat, many out of hours. So many of them have disclosed these are longstanding challenges they have faced, and have never asked for help before."

Dr Jamie Phillips, Medical Director

Member experiences

Hear from our members who have relied on Sonder to support them in times of need.

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Sonder is reimagining health, safety and wellbeing support. Sonder proves human centric care leads to earlier intervention. Sonder impacts one person at a time to drive meaningful change across an organisation. Sonder understands people and how to support them.

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