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Australia’s leading waste management company BINGO knew their wellbeing solution needed an overhaul. The existing mental health counselling services were not working - issues were left untreated and unrecognised, workers were suffering in silence, leading to increased absenteeism and claims. The team knew these challenges existed but were blind to who, when, where and how they were presented.

Case complexity

At the time of launch, BINGO was comprised of 142 corporate staff members, 300 drivers and a large on-the-ground team (fondly referred to as GOgetters) often working long night shifts.

  • A culturally diverse workforce with a high number of EASL staff
  • A high proportion of mobile workers working varied hours with no access to support after 5 pm
  • The stigma of seeking help in a male-dominated workforce

Sonder wellbeing insights

of support cases comes at night
wouldn’t have reached out without access 24/7
Jo Cairns quote


Accessible, relevant, and trusted support was required to reach team members who weren’t getting the help they needed across a range of medical and mental health needs.

Find out how Sonder's tech-driven solution provides BINGO team members and their families with 24/7 multilingual support across a range of medical and mental health needs.

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“We have had many BINGO members reach out, mostly through chat, many out of hours. So many of them have disclosed these are longstanding challenges they have faced, and have never asked for help before.”

Dr Jamie Phillips, Medical Director

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