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Defence industry firm leads the charge on wellbeing

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About AeroPM

AeroPM is a professional services consultancy providing above-the-line support to Defence and CASG to acquire complex assets. Their workforce is primarily ex-serving military and APS personnel who have extensive experience within the air, maritime, land and joint domains, and across a number of disciplines including project management, engineering, test & evaluation, logistics and commercial.

"As the first adopters of Sonder across the defense industry,hopefully, we
can influence other companies to similarly put their employees first and to
engage Sonder."

Emily Frizell, Founder and CEO, AeroPM

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Professional services


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78 corporate staff
49 veterans

"As an employee, having a well thought out and genuine solution to a medical, mental health, wellbeing and safety program is really important to me."

Kate Colrain, Talent manager, AeroPM

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Sonder is reimagining health, safety and wellbeing support. Sonder proves human centric care leads to earlier intervention. Sonder impacts one person at a time to drive meaningful change across an organisation. Sonder understands people and how to support them.

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