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A proactive approach to employee wellbeing for Medline

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of support cases occur outside of regular 9-5 business hours


of support cases come via chat


of support cases are medical related

About Medline

Medline is a leading global healthcare company dedicated to delivering high-quality medical supplies and innovative solutions. Their mission is to provide quality medical products with superior value to healthcare providers and improve healthcare for patients.

The Challenge

Medline was looking to expand their care model and wanted to partner with a provider that aligned with their holistic approach to wellbeing. Specifically, they were seeking a preventive support model with 24/7 access to safety, medical and mental health support to ensure their workforce had the access they deserved.

"I wanted to work on proactive wellbeing, not reactive. Sonder gave us the opportunity to provide our employees with insights and education as well as a 24/7 support service"

Jodi Adams, HR Director, Medline

The Solution

As a company deeply committed to fostering a culture of care for its employees, Medline wanted a service that could deliver real-time, 24/7 support. In May 2023, they partnered with Sonder, and the results were impressive from the outset, with an impressive 60% of employees promptly downloading the Sonder app. This means that a significant amount of their workforce now had continuous access to Sonder support, any time of the day or night. With 65% of support cases occurring outside of regular 9-5 business hours, it's clear that Medline employees value having access to the right care at the right time. The company's commitment to employee wellbeing extends beyond their workforce, with Medline providing access to Sonder not only for employees but also for their families.

"Now with new legislation around psychosocial risk, we have an obligation to support our employees in a much better way than we ever have."

Jodi Adams, HR Director, Medline

The Results

Feedback on the Sonder partnership has been highly positive, both in terms of its business impact and the response from employees who have used the service. Medline employees have embraced the in-app wellbeing resources and assessment, as well as utilising the safety, medical and mental health features.

Sonder's safety features, such as 'Track my journey' and 'Check on me', have empowered Medline employees, providing a sense of security, knowing that the Sonder support team is always there for them. Additionally, Sonder's medical expertise has proved invaluable, with 34% of all support cases being medical related. Whether it's providing advice for a sick child or offering immediate triage support in emergencies, having someone to turn to is a great reassurance for Medline employees.

Medline remains committed to the ongoing support provided by Sonder for their employees. They actively encourage new starters to download the app, promote engagement to the wider team with proactive wellbeing resources, and spread the Sonder support message through their HR team.

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395 (330 Australia, 65 Asia)

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Hear from our members who have relied on Sonder to support them in times of need.

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