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About Probe CX

Probe CX is a globally recognised and award-winning customer experience organisation that designs and deploys solutions to bolster and optimise client operations. Founded in 1979, they have 18,000-plus staff across five countries, delivering exceptional customer experiences through their deep knowledge and capabilities in outsourcing, strategy and technology.

The Challenge

With a strong focus on employee wellbeing, Probe CX sought a more comprehensive approach to address the personal and sometimes complex issues that their employees face.

Probe CX's frontline employees are regularly faced with difficult customer interactions, which can result in feelings of stress. Additionally, personal challenges such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, burnout and relationship conflict also impact some employees. Despite having support services in place, many employees struggled with accessibility, as the existing services were only available during business hours and did not accommodate the variation in hours they work.

"Leadership understood... it was necessary to ensure that both the workplace and non-workplace challenges were treated with equal importance."

Elisha Parks, Group Head of People & Culture, Probe CX

The Solution

To address these issues, Probe CX engaged Sonder on a trial basis, giving a cohort of employees, both frontline and management, 24/7 access to professional support providers through an app.

Sonder offered Probe CX staff immediate access to professional support wherever and whenever they needed it through its 24/7 triage services. Using a digital-first approach, the app made it easier and more convenient for employees to take control of their own well-being.

"Having access to support is amazing. Most importantly is the confidence it gives me- know that it's there whenever I need it."

Jo Brittle, Biggera Waters Site Manager, QLD

The Results

The Sonder trial was conducted over a three month period, with the following outcomes:

  • 60% of all support was delivered outside of business hours
  • 75% of support was for non-work-related issues
  • 200% Improvement in cost efficiency vs previous provider
  • 19.4x more utilisation than previous provider

During the pilot, Sonder delivered significantly higher usage at a fixed cost, resulting in a more efficient cost per support hour. With the app placing care in the employees' hands, they could receive specialist support within seconds, without the need for appointment bookings or complex pathways.

As a result of the success of the pilot program, Probe CX made the Sonder service available to all its Australia and New Zealand employees, enabling them to access professional support at any time and place of their choosing.

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"At Probe CX, we recognised the limitations of traditional employee assistance programs, which were often difficult for our employees to access. By partnering with Sonder, we are able to prioritise the care and support our employees deserve. Sonder offers a human connection that is available to our employees when they need it most, without any constraints. We are dedicated to putting our employees first and providing them with the necessary resources to maintain their well-being."

Elisha Parks, Group Head of People & Culture, Probe CX

Member experiences

Hear from our members who have relied on Sonder to support them in times of need.

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