improve staff and student support

University support ‘ecosystems’ are often complex and hard to navigate. Students and staff don’t know where to turn to.

Our mix of technology and human support provides an easy-to-access, consolidated support service that keeps your students and staff safe and healthy - whether they are on campus, at home or abroad.

Ripple Effect

The ripple effect

Traditional measures, such as progression rates, deferrals, satisfaction surveys, and retention of students and staff, are important indicators of your organisation’s overall wellbeing, but there’s much more to the story.

Sonder is measuring the "ripple effect" of mental and physical health issues. We define this as an unforseen burden placed on staff and fellow students. The ripple effect is not something to be ignored. When untreated, unexpected costs will arise.

A single access point for
all of your support systems

Navigating the ecosystem of support is hard. It’s reported to be the primary reason for students not seeking help for issues like assault, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

Last year, more than 94% of students who experienced assault or harassment didn’t report it. This is because 1 in 2 students didn’t know the formal path for reporting harassment. [Source]

Sonder’s human centric approach is designed with early and proactive support at its heart. A recent survey indicated 70% of higher education students across Australia would otherwise not have asked for help unless Sonder was available to them. Instead, they would be suffering in silence, exacerbating the personal impact and the ripple effect on those around them.

From symptom-centric
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To human-centric
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Support for
overseas students

Sonder is actively supporting universities and accommodation providers across Australia. Reviewed and vetted by health and education departments around the country, our service is tailored to each student based on their needs and culture. We have over 6 years of experience in assisting tens of thousands of students adjust to a new environment and integrate into student life, so they live well - and reach their academic potential.

Our service provides health support and practical daily life guidance in any language, around the clock - including welfare checks, scam alerts, triage of medical needs, virtual counselling and psychology sessions, and much more.

Insights you can act on

We securely aggregate anonymised data enabling you to see current issues, learn from them, and prevent future problems from happening. And if serious issues appear, we immediately pinpoint their root cause to deliver efficient and effective reporting you can act on.

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On and off
campus support

On and off campus services are equally important in today’s world to ensure care for staff and students.

It’s time for an easily-accessible wellbeing ecosystem that puts people first.

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