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Sonder is used by government, healthcare providers and social services organisations to support and protect the community, carers and staff.

With demands and expectations constantly increasing, more organisations and government departments are turning to Sonder for safety, medical and mental health support.

Helping those who help others


Traditionally, the needs of those who have dedicated their lives to the service of others have been overshadowed by the needs of the people they look after. Burnout, anxiety and stress are all too common, and finding effective, new ways to support staff is top of mind.

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Government employees

are working harder than ever - with greater community scrutiny, the eyes of the nation are on them. Stress and anxiety from increased workload is the most common mental health concern and is impacting up to a third of government workers.

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Social services staff

supporting vulnerable communities are constantly impacted physically or mentally from those they care for. Those being cared for are often not to blame and need increased support, especially around safety and mental health.

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Healthcare workers

are the lifeline of the community. However, labour shortages, tighter funding and increased hazards are taking their toll. Fatigue, burnout and stress now impact over 40%, but only ~5% are getting help. This has resulted in low job satisfaction, reduced productivity and high turnover.

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Sonder’s approach
puts people first


Everyone, no matter their background, deserves support that’s right for them. That’s why a human centric ecosystem works. By putting people first, the individual’s needs are the priority, no matter how complex they are.

Sonder’s support system is designed around the individual, not the other way around. As a result, issues are dealt with earlier, before they intensify and become overwhelming. This helps avoid unnecessary absence, productivity and treatment costs - ultimately improving lives, increasing output and sometimes, saving lives.

Earlier intervention for 70% of your people

Early intervention has proven time and time again to cost less, reduce impact and improve lives. And Sonder’s human centric approach was designed with early and proactive support at its heart.

A recent survey indicated 70% of people would otherwise not have reached out unless Sonder was available to them. Instead, they would suffer in silence whilst symptoms continue to increase.


70% of employees get help earlier with sonder

Impact from early intervention is visible
and measurable

ROI for staff

Every day an employee is kept healthy and happy is a day that reaps rewards in the community.

The impact of mental health on productivity alone costs $8.6K per person - almost 7 weeks per year. These costs include absences, but also the “ripple effect'', which is defined as the impact on peers and managers during unplanned absences. Sonder carefully measures these impacts and provides a 17X return on every $1 invested in our human centric solution.

ROI for community groups

High need communities exist everywhere, and none are more important than our future generation. The right support for young people is needed to help combat the stats around sexual assault, mental health and suicide.

A thriving community requires attention and nurture across all walks of life. Sonder also provides support for clubs, expectant and new parents, veterans, victims of domestic violence, as well as COVID-19 mandatory isolation and quarantine.

How Sonder is helping government, health and social services clients

The Minister for Mental Health, Bronnie Taylor, and the NSW Government have made moves to support the mental health and wellbeing of people in self-isolation. It’s a time that can leave many feeling uneasy, stressed or lonely, and those with pre-existing mental health conditions at risk. Sonder’s partnership with the NSW Government means our support team can be there to support the people of NSW at the touch of a button.

“Looking after your mental wellbeing is vital during this time and with thousands of people and families in isolation, access to services 24 hours 7 days a week is hugely important.”


The Hon. Bronnie Taylor

Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women, NSW Government

Through partnerships with support organisations like Marist180, Sonder provides 24/7 assistance for staff facing unpredictable, high pressure and often stressful situations at work, as well as being there for personal safety, medical and mental health matters outside of work. Sonder uses new technology and communications channels to deliver a new form of earlier intervention and on-demand support to staff.

"Sonder enables enhanced 24/7 service delivery by providing both proactive and responsive support for employees and management. They have de-risked M180 operations by providing comprehensive remote and in-person support in challenging circumstances."


Jonathan Raja

Director of Therapeutic Services, Marist180

Insights you can act on


We securely aggregate anonymised data enabling you to see current problems, learn from them, and prevent future problems from happening. And if serious issues appear, we immediately pinpoint their root cause to deliver efficient and effective reporting you can act on.


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