The rising risk of workplace burnout

How to manage burnout in the workplace and build resilient, high-performing teams

This new report shares:

  • Survey data from 2,000+ employees and Sonder customers
  • Expert insights on how to manage the psychosocial risk and impact
  • Actionable advice to start using in your workplace today
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What's inside?

The widespread risk of burnout

New statistics reveal that almost half of Australian and New Zealand employees are experiencing feelings of burnout and exhaustion

The impact of burnout on businesses

From reduced productivity and employee turnover to psychosocial risk, we analyse the potential risk for leaders and organisations

Strategies to mitigate burnout

Leaders in People and Culture and psychosocial risk share actionable, expert advice to avoid burnout in the workplace

How Sonder can help

We share the tools our customers are using to prevent burnout and stress in their organisation

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"Burnout is a work-related phenomenon. Organisations often go to solutions that require the individual to implement wellbeing practices outside of work. Whilst these aren't bad, they do fail to address the root cause of what may be putting employee's mental health at risk."

- Mark Oostergo, Chief Executive at Australian Psychological Services

"In times of uncertainty, role clarity becomes even more critical. Be clear in explaining what is expected, what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and what success looks like. If we don't create clarity, the risk is that people second guess themselves. They feel stretched and they can feel directionless. All of these things can start to lead to burnout, anxiety, overwhelm and stress."

- Raechel Gavin, Chief People Officer at Sonder

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