The ultimate
EAP buyer’s guide

to help you compare EAPs and discover modern alternatives

  • Learn how to compare vendor offerings
  • Discover what makes EAP alternatives different
  • Gain insider tips and statistics
  • Write a convincing business case
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What's inside?

This insider's guide to employee assistance programs is perfect for HR managers disappointed with poor EAP uptake and experiences. It's full of invaluable tips, statistics, insights, and checklists to help you compare apples with apples when considering EAPs (and EAP alternatives).

Step 1Scope of care
Step 2Hours of care
Step 3Critical incidents
Step 4Accreditations and qualifications
Step 5Digital self-help
Step 6Utilisation rates
Step 7Employee engagement
Step 8Data and insights
Step 9Pricing
Step 10Business impact
What's inside? Step 1 - How to compare EAPs
What's inside? Step 8 - How to compare EAPs

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