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Modern HR and HSE leaders choose Sonder for 24/7 employee harm prevention, trauma recovery and critical incident response.

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We help your people avoid unsafe situations and outcomes before they arise.

We help your people avoid unsafe situations and outcomes before they arise.

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  • Track my journey

    Reassuring safety support while on the move.

  • Check on me

    Discreet safety check-up at a time that suits.
    - 1am is the average check on me to start time.

  • Safety notifications

    Real time alerts about nearby dangers or disruptions.

  • Sonder responders

    In-person and on the ground support for emergencies and critical events.

"I like the Check on Me feature, I was able to take my dog for a walk around my neighbourhood and felt like I was being watched over by a little electronic angel."

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Sonder is proud to be the first technology company to achieved accreditation for healthcare support services by ACHS (Australian Council on Healthcare Standards).

I was nervous travelling alone in an Uber, but knowing Sonder would send for help immediately if anything went wrong was really calming. Thank you!"


Member, VIC

Member since May 2019

Expand your duty of care not your workload

of Sonder members reach
out for safety related
of users rate safety notices
as helpful

increase in the percentage
of safety-related critical
increase in the percentage
of police incidents

"Our CEO believes there's a shared responsibility on wellbeing. So I said yes, people are responsible, but we also have a responsibility to give them the tools to be able to support them - and what we're doing wasn't enough."

- Kate Mayers, WHS Manager - People & Culture | Best & Less

Safety issues on
the rise

How does your organisation support employee safety?

From January to March 2023, across 10,000+ active support cases, we saw a 54 per cent increase in the percentage of safety-related critical incidents, as well as an 80 per cent increase in the percentage of police incidents.

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Latest safety insights

What did we learn from three million safety notices?

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety is fundamental. Maslow’s “A Theory of Motivation” argues that unless people satisfy basic physiological and safety needs, they aren’t motivated to acquire emotions such as belonging and love,  esteem needs, or self-actualisation….

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Employees want safety support after business hours, say 10,000+ cases

When leaders talk about wellbeing, their first conversation is often about stress and burnout. Whilst this is important, an equally critical conversation needs to be had around personal safety – because it’s hard for people to perform when their…

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Workplace safety-related critical incidents are on the rise

Every week, news headlines showcase how unsafe it can be to go to work. We read about customer violence, armed robbery, vehicle accidents, building site accidents, and more. Even for employers who implement rigorous preventative measures, safety-related critical incidents…

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Take active control of your workforce safety


We put an individual's care in their hands, enabling them to take active control of their wellbeing in a way they're doing with everything else in their lives - on their terms, on their schedule, and on their device.