Best practice guide to communicating Sonder to your organisation

Congratulations on choosing Sonder!

We're so glad to partner with you for a more active way to care for your people.

As you are now ready to launch Sonder to your organisation, this guide will help you create an impactful launch.

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A worthy 30 minute investment

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As you work through this material, you will find videos and templates to help you produce:

  • A completed launch communications plan
  • Understanding of the Sonder toolkit, where you can download, create and co-brand impactful marketing materials
  • A solid understanding of the value of Sonder and how it supports your people's wellbeing and safety
  • Inspiration to continuously drive awareness and adoption of Sonder after initial launch
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A quick recap - about Sonder

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Receive real-time safety notifications wherever you are. Access in-app safety features such as 'Track my journey' and 'Check on me'.

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Bumped head? Sick child? Cough that won't go away? Whatever your concern, our health experts are ready to help.


Mental health

If you’re not feeling yourself or you are concerned for a colleague, our team is ready to listen and support.


If you’re not feeling yourself, or concerned for a colleague, our team is ready to listen and help when you're ready.


Safety and wellbeing isn't a 9-5 need, that's why we're available 24/7 at the touch of a button.


We treat every individual as exactly individual, because one size fits none!


Sonder is accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), so you know you're receiving the highest quality of care.

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The Sonder marketing toolkit

We've created an easy-to-use communications toolkit full of ready-made marketing material for launch and beyond. The toolkit includes templates for emails, posters, guides on Sonder, as well as handy 'how to' videos. The toolkit also gets updated monthly with new assets to communicate a new monthly theme. From mens health to mindfulness, the toolkit has it all!

How to use the toolkit

The video below will give you an overview of how to access the toolkit, what’s included inside and how to use the Sonder assets provided to you.

There is a comprehensive FAQ in the toolkit which should answer any questions you may have. If you have access issues after you receive your login details, please email us at

How to co-brand toolkit assets

The steps below will walk you through how to co-brand assets from the marketing toolkit.
For a more in-depth tutorial, watch the video on the ‘How to use’ tab.

Remember to have your logo saved and easily accessible.

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Preparing for launch

When planning how to launch Sonder to your people, think about:

  • What - what existing forums and platforms can you leverage to communicate Sonder?
  • When - when are your key launch milestones? Are there any days where your people will be getting together where you can communicate Sonder?
  • Where - where should you focus your communications efforts? Think digital and physical platforms.
  • Who - who in the organisation should be involved in the launch? This is a whole company initiative, so think big!
  • How - how can you tap into a core team/ambassadors to assist with the launch of Sonder?
Prepare for launch

Having a well-structured communications plan is essential since it can help you and your team:

  • Get a clear view of what needs to be done
  • When activities need to be done by
  • Who you need to involve to help you

At the start of your plan we suggest you start with:

  • High level timing of your launch
  • Objectives you're aiming to achieve (e.g. number of staff downloading, using the service)
  • Team members responsible for execution

We've created a handy checklist to guide you through creating your very own plan.
Fill out the team responsibilities and due dates and consider it your go-to resource for a smooth launch.

What to communicate

Capturing the heart and minds of your people needs careful planning and execution, especially when your workforce is diverse. What matters most to one group of people is often different to what matters to another, so you may need to personalise the messages when communicating what Sonder is and how to use it. Here are examples of the most popular messages for different types of occupations.



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Sonder's unique safety features give you peace of mind to go about your day without worry.


  • Get notifications on local traffic hazards
  • Find out about dangerous weather
  • Travelling to unfamiliar locations with 'Track my journey'


For when you need timely, professional advice from a medical professional


  • Find out if you're well enough to go to work
  • Understand if you need urgent attention
  • Contact our support centre 24/7

Mental Health

When you need help dealing with stress, anxiety and daily pressures


  • Upset about a bad day
  • Worried about a family member
  • Trouble sleeping


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For late night walks home from work, a night on the town, or a customer that's not "always right"


  • Walking home from work with 'Track my journey'
  • In-person support for an aggressive customer in store
  • Alerts for hazards en route to work


For when you need to make your shift, not an appointment


  • Ask a nurse how you can help an unwell or injured customer
  • Find out if you're well enough to go to work
  • Understand if you need urgent attention

Mental Health

For times when your thoughts need a lunch break, too


  • Upset about a bad day
  • Worried about a family member
  • Trouble sleeping


SON_WEB_MEMSUPP_care_care1 1

For when you're ready to discover a new city without a care


  • Walking home from a bar or club with 'Track my journey'
  • Arranging a check-in when you're meeting someone new with 'check on me'



For when you want a diagnosis, not the fear


  • When you're not sure where to get help and if it'll cost you
  • When you're not sure if you need an appointment
  • When you're sick or injured

Mental Health

For when you need someone to talk to that really does understand


  • When exam stress gets too much
  • When you're lonely and far from home


SON_WEB_MEMSUPP_care_care1 1

For when you need to be in all the places at once


  • A member of the public is behaving threateningly
  • When you need to inform the team of an emergency


For when you or your team aren't feeling themselves


  • When a team member is ill or injured
  • When you need advice on absenteeism

Mental Health

For the times you're taking work stress back home and you need to put your needs first


  • When there's been a tragedy
  • When your team are burning out
  • Welfare check when concerned about a team member

Where to communicate

When it comes to raising awareness, it all starts with knowing where your people are and the platforms they use every day.
Think about where they spend their time and how you already communicate with them. This could be physical places or digital platforms. Use the buttons below to see some examples.

Think about the physical areas where you could communicate Sonder to your people. Perhaps high footfall, high dwell time areas such as kitchen or bathrooms, or at big, company wide meetings. Assets also have QR codes so that the app can be easily downloaded straight onto your mobile device.

Digital platforms also are a great way of raising awareness of Sonder, you can make it easy for your people to download the app by including links

Think big!

Is there anything special that you could do to launch Sonder to your people and to tell the world that you are a business that cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees?

That's the easy stuff… but that's not all you can do! Think big with some 'next level' activations to really drive awareness of Sonder and getting as many people downloading the app as possible.

Posting about Sonder to your external network helps to position your business as a forward thinking employer when it comes to looking after it's employees. It's a great way to elevate your employer brand proposition.

Who to engage

When it comes to adopting a new service, we are far more likely to take recommendations from someone we trust. So when launching Sonder, we recommend you leverage trusted influencers, such as people leaders and internal ambassadors. When internal "cheerleaders" start using and talking about Sonder, others quickly jump on board!

People and culture / Health and Safety

Who better to advocate for a healthy and safe workplace?
HR play a pivotal role in creating a work culture that contributes to the health and wellness of the whole organisation.


  • wellbeing calendar of events
  • employee value proposition
  • new employee onboarding
  • ESG policies
Wellbeing ambassadors

Wellbeing ambassadors can be anyone in your organisation.
When selecting ambassadors, ensure they are influential people who have a passion for health and wellness.


  • workshops
  • training
  • social events
  • everyday reminders
Managers / Team Leaders

When it comes to help and support, managers are often the go-to. Whilst they want to ensure their team is supported the best they can, they're unlikely to be expert therapists, security guards, and/or nurses.


  • 1:1s
  • team meetings and standups
  • critical incidents
  • development and training
Marketing / Communications

Often serving as the 'voice' of your company, they can increase awareness and promote the significance of wellbeing and safety - both internally and externally.


  • social media and PR
  • website
  • annual report
  • internal events
Exec / C-Suite

It's often important to get the buy in of top level management as other team members follow direction from leaders within your business.


  • leadership meetings
  • company planning days


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Review and refine

Once your initial plan is in place, why not spend some time reviewing the feedback and responses? It's important to measure success, think about the following questions:

  • Where did your communications succeed, and where were you expecting different results? What are the learnings?
  • Which messages or features did your people respond best to?
  • Which activities were least fruitful?
  • Did you set a goal for how many of your people should download the app? Have you hit that target?
Review Refine

Inspiration from our partners...

Here's some great examples of what has worked well for some of our current partners.


SON_WEB_MEMSUPP_care_care1 1

Comms plan

A completed communications plan for launch and beyond. Your plan will contain high level objectives and tactical executions.

SON_WEB_MEMSUPP_care_care2 1


Familiarisation of the Sonder toolkit, including access to the platform, and knowlege of how to download, create and co-brand impactful promotional materials.



Most importantly, motivation
to drive an Active Care culture in your organisation, which includes the Sonder launch, but also a continuous awareness and adoption plan.

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You should now be equipped with everything you need to successfully launch Sonder to your people!