Confidential and caring support for you and your family

With the Sonder app you have free access to personalised safety, medical and mental health support for you and your family around the clock.

Sonder is available for parents aged 25 and under living in South Western Sydney, who are pregnant and/or have a child

Parenthood support at the touch of a button

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Our personalised model of care

Getting started is easy. Simply download Sonder to unlock these features.

Our personalised and confidential support

Getting started is easy. Simply download the Sonder app to unlock these features and get the help you need, when you need it.

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  • Take a personal assessment

    Take a few minutes to check in with yourself with a personal wellbeing assessments

  • Review wellbeing resources tailored for you

    Browse from hundreds of trusted articles, videos and podcasts.

  • Receive relevant environmental alerts

    Real-time alerts about dangers or disruptions close to you.

  • Feel safer with in-app tools

    Safety support for you and your family when on the move

  • Reach out to a friendly care professional

    Chat or call anytime of the day or night for anything big or small.

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Free, trusted support for you

We know that asking for support can be scary, especially when it comes to your children.

With Sonder, your information and privacy is our priority. Sonder uses their own secure systems, or those provided by third-party service providers (including 'cloud' service providers), to use and keep your personal information. This means nobody can access your information unless you give your informed consent for us to share it.

For more information, see Sonder's privacy policy here or fill out the below form to ask further questions.

Helpful info and advice

In the app you'll find thousands of articles and resources to help make life a little easier, whether you are pregnant or already a mum.


Alongside our partners, Karitane and Uniting, Sonder is part of Village Connect, a hub for parents.​

Self-referrals to Village Connect can be made via the Sonder app, or by starting a chat with the Sonder team.​

Eligibility criteria and suitability applies.

What our members say

Everyone has a different reason for using Sonder, and every experience is important to us.

Sonder has been an incredible help with my two kids. Being able to speak directly to a nurse, send photos and get a quick response has saved multiple trips to doctors and even hospital. They have given wonderful guidance and even checked in with me to make sure my kids recovered well.​

member 2

Mother, 25, Liverpool​

Member since 2022

I honestly would recommend for all young parents to download and use Sonder. It's like having a support team in your pocket. I've found it especially helpful in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping, being able to speak with a nurse at 2am was amazing!


Father, 22, Penrith

Member since 2023

I absolutely love being a mum but it can be a little overwhelming at times. I really like that I can talk to Sonder about anything and they don't judge me and really care about me and how I'm feeling. I really appreciate it.

member 2

Mother, 20, Blacktown

Member since 2019

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Download Sonder for free, confidential support whenever you need it.

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