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Uptake vs traditional EAPs
Saved management time
4 out of
Employees reported a rise in confidence
Cost saving vs EAP
(35% average uptake)

Case studies

Don't take our word for it, take our customers'. Each individual's health and wellbeing journey is unique - and companies are no different.
Find out how we help our partners drive measurable impact and empower their employees to thrive.

Woolworths Group

A central gateway to holistic and human-centric support.

Marley Spoon

A recipe for success. Real-time care, beyond the workplace.

Discovery parks

Greater support for employees in remote areas.


Multifaceted, 24/7 support for employees and their families.

Design & Build

Care at the touch of a button at anytime of the day.


A proactive approach to employee wellbeing for Medline.

People and culture leaders talk about Active Care

Listen to the voices of inspiring change agents who have partnered with Sonder to prioritise employee wellbeing, improve organisational health, and foster high-performance workforces.

Peoeple and culture leaders reviews Sonder impact on workforce wellbeing

Member experiences

Hear from our members who have relied on Sonder to support them in times of need.

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Take active control of your workforce safety


We put an individual's care in their hands, enabling them to take active control of their wellbeing in a way they're doing with everything else in their lives - on their terms, on their schedule, and on their device.