Sonder: A new look, a new level of support

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At Sonder, we’ve been trusted with providing safety and wellbeing tools for our members since 2017. This has taken us on a journey of continuous improvement – as we reimagine health, safety and wellbeing for our members and customers – and shaped our most recent new look and new level of support.

What’s new?

New look

We have redesigned our app to make it easier for members to navigate the support options available to them across the key wellbeing and safety pillars (including safety notifications and self-help articles).

We’ve also launched our new website, which has details about how Sonder works, our pricing structure, plus details of our offer to corporations, education providers, and government and social services bodies. Our URL might have changed to, but our commitment to safety and wellbeing remains.

Sonder - New Level of Support
New level of support

With the growth of our client base and support offering, we have increased the skills and expertise of our team members in our support centre and increased our nursing capacity, so that we can spend more time with each member to understand the breadth of their wellbeing needs.

Members can also now access psychological support in-house, rather than begin their journey down the referral pathway. By adding psychological and counselling specialists in-house, we have reduced unnecessary delays to care so that our members have even faster access to professional, clinical advice. This helps us to intervene earlier and give members the support they need quickly, and shortens the chain of support providers.

How does Sonder help?

Our wellbeing model works in three ways:

  1. Members can connect with the Sonder team via the app. They are medically-qualified and genuinely care for each and every member. Support is available 24/7 via chat, call, in-person and, in the coming weeks, via video as well. They’re able to assist with any issue within the spectrum of wellbeing – be that physical, mental, or safety.

  2. We offer one-of-a-kind safety functions that ensure members are comfortable in the knowledge that they’ve got Sonder looking out for them – be that at work, at home, out on the road, walking home or when they are near a dangerous situation. (e.g. Track My Journey, Check on Me, and Safety Alerts.)

  3. For time-sensitive scenarios, our members have access to in-person assistance, should they need it. (e.g. Sonder Responders and Critical Incident Responders).

There is no one-size-fits-all for care. We know that every individual is different, so we take the time to understand people and how best to support every aspect of their life to ensure we are treating more than just the symptoms.

Our care doesn’t end after the first interaction. We have a unique follow-up process that ensures we join our members on their long-term journey to wellbeing.

To date, we have proven that human-centric care leads to earlier intervention. Our proactive messaging means that members reach out to our support team prior to when they would have otherwise. That’s earlier intervention that has saved lives.

“71 percent of Sonder members surveyed said they wouldn’t have asked for help if they didn’t have Sonder.”

Sonder, the right mix of human, tech and data

We’re reimagining wellbeing for organisations

We believe that the current system of care is broken and that many people are lost in the complex ecosystem of support offerings available, which means organisations are likely to find out about issues only when it’s too late.

We work with many different types of organisations (including corporations, education providers, and government and social services bodies) to impact one person at a time, and drive meaningful change.

In addition to improving employee safety and wellbeing, we help improve ROI, productivity, and provide meaningful data insights regarding your people-related risks to enable you to make better and more timely decisions for your people.

In partnering with Woolworths Group, we serve a significant percentage of the Australian workforce – and are proving on a daily basis that our Sonder Wellbeing model, our commitment to wellbeing, and our ability to go above and beyond for each individual member, does make a difference. Woolworths has described Sonder as “an angel in your pocket”.

In partnering with NSW Health, we have cemented ourselves as a reliable, scalable and comprehensive support service, able to adapt quickly to the mental health needs of those in major cities and states.

Education and student accommodation providers across the country are seeing the value of supporting students differently, getting more positive outcomes for both students and the providers responsible for their safety and wellbeing.

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Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about our new level of support and/or how we can help your organisation, we invite you to get in touch today.

About Sonder

Sonder is an Active Care technology company that helps organisations improve the wellbeing of their people so they perform at their best. Our mobile app provides immediate, 24/7 support from a team of safety, medical, and mental health professionals - plus onsite help for time-sensitive scenarios. Accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), our platform gives leaders the insights they need to act on tomorrow's wellbeing challenges today.

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Sonder is reimagining health, safety and wellbeing support. Sonder proves human centric care leads to earlier intervention. Sonder impacts one person at a time to drive meaningful change across an organisation. Sonder understands people and how to support them.

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