Active Care Matters

34 minutes / 24 April 2023


Drivers of high-performing culture – going beyond the 9 to 5

For Mirvac’s Brian Long, organisational wellbeing is more than a 9 to 5 issue. Hear his take on meeting employee needs and building a health and wellbeing culture that goes beyond work.

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More about the episode with Brian Long

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    Brian Long,
    Group GM HSE, Mirvac

    Brian is an influential Health, Safety, and Wellbeing leader with a career in Engineering, Property, and Construction.

    Currently Group GM for Health, Safety and Environment at Mirvac. Before this, he was responsible for Safety and Wellbeing at Woolworths Group.

    Brian links strategic and operational experience and recently focused on aligning business goals with operations integrity and wellbeing.

  • Summary:

    Craig Cowdrey sits down with Mirvac's Brian Long, as he shares a career's worth of insights gained through some of the world's leading companies.

    Brian discusses how an organisation's health and wellbeing policies must be constantly redesigned to meet diverse and ever-changing employee needs.

    You'll also hear how important it is to Brian, to shape a 'self-care' work culture beyond just the 9 to 5.

  • Themes:

    Drivers of high-performing culture – scratching beneath the surface. Key discussions in the episode include:

    • Redesigning policies to meet ever-evolving employee expectations and needs;
    • Aligning the work environment for positive health, safety and wellbeing outcomes; and
    • Measuring impact and the HSE role in monitoring the impact of policies, systems and functions.


Join Craig Cowdrey as he sits down with some of the world’s leading minds, to discuss ways in which they actively manage their own wellbeing, and how that translates to empowering others - in their
organisation and their community.

As the co-founder and CEO of Sonder, Craig’s career across law, diplomacy and the military has taken him all over the world supporting governments and corporations to get the best from people. He now leads a high-performing company that's pioneering Active Care solutions for organisations globally.

This series discusses mental and physical health issues that may include self harm and suicide. The views and opinions expressed in the series are those of the individuals interviewed and do not necessarily reflect Sonder’s official policy or position. Some episodes are for mature audiences and include language and subject matter that may not be suitable for young listeners. Listener discretion is advised.