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Marley Spoon is a global direct-to-consumer brand solving everyday recurring problems in delightful and sustainable ways. Their vision is to ‘build a better everyday, just for you, just right’, which is not only applied to their customers but to their team too, where the business places great importance on building a unique environment where every team member can thrive.

The Problem

Marley Spoon, one of Australia’s biggest meal-kit brands, experienced strong growth over the last few years and as a result, scaled up many areas of the business. This included expanding the team, which today is comprised of over 500 people across Australia.


This growth brought about a need to enhance their employment support solutions, to cater to the health and wellbeing needs of their diverse team, which incorporates office and production staff members, paired with the complexities of a changing work environment and flexibility requirements due to COVID-19.

Furthermore, Marley Spoon required a holistic support solution across multiple channels (phone, chat, and app), including 24/7 medical and safety support to ensure requirements across the business were met.



Aga Strzemeska, Marley Spoon Australia’s Head of People Operations, was looking for a new solution that could be accessed wherever and whenever their team needed support - one that can provide round-theclock, multilingual support not only for the team members but to their partners and children, in a truly holistic care model.

The Idea
A little bit of technology, a helping of human interaction, and a garnish of data.

Marley Spoon launched Sonder in 2021 and saw strong results from the start, with significant staff engagement and use of the service. Here are some leading factors of the partnership’s success:

Real-time support from Member story real-life expert

Sonder’s in-app chat function, giving people the opportunity to connect directly to experts, was a key tool that Marley Spoon wanted to offer their team, to provide fast and convenient support with a 24/7 team of experts, and is the main channel Marley Spoon employees use.


The combination of technology and confidential human support has been key to building trust and lowering the barriers for those seeking support, making Sonder a perfect fit for Marley Spoon’s diverse workforce - ensuring there are no barriers to access.

Member Story

Having 24/7 access to expert medical advice is crucial for Marley Spoon’s team members.

Late one night, a Marley Spoon team member who had been experiencing ongoing vision problems contacted Sonder via chat. A Sonder nurse triaged the situation and determined that the member was in urgent need of hospital care to save their sight. Taken aback by the recommendation and worried about the cost of medical treatment, the member was very reluctant to go to the hospital.

Understanding their hesitation, the nurse calmly discussed the member’s concerns at length and encouraged them to discuss billing options with the hospital while persuading them to visit the emergency department to avoid further complications.

The member went to the hospital later that morning and was booked for a specialist surgery that same day. To the member’s relief, the hospital confirmed that their insurance provider would cover the full costs associated with their surgery.

Due to the timely nature of the situation, the member was extremely thankful for Sonder’s 24/7 support and the nurse’s patience and encouragement.

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Support available in all forms Member story - in any language.

Marley Spoon’s diverse and multicultural workforce includes a large number of team members with English as their second or third language.



All members are now able to communicate their needs to an expert team of support professionals for guidance and support in the language they feel most comfortable with.


*according to 2022 member survey results

Member Story

Many interconnected factors contribute to a person’s wellbeing. With that in mind, Sonder takes time to understand each person’s unique situation so they can provide the appropriate support and drive real outcomes.

After finishing work one evening, a Marley Spoon employee reached out to Sonder for advice on the stress and anxiety they felt had started to affect their performance at work.

While chatting with the Sonder support team in their first language, little by little, they disclosed that they had been receiving distressing late-night phone calls from their former partner, who had physically assaulted them in the past.

Through a series of messages throughout the night, the Sonder team provided the member with advice on seeking police assistance, legal help, and associated mental health support.

Support for the member continued in the subsequent weeks as the team continued to follow up with them to confirm they were safe and were receiving the support they needed.

The member was able to talk in their preferred language, allowing them to comfortably disclose the underlying causes of their concerns.

B585-Creating a place where

Caring for those they care about the most

Many interconnected factors contribute to a person’s wellbeing. One of the most important aspects of a person’s life are those they care about, and how they care for them can have a significant impact on their wellbeing.

Marley Spoon recognises the importance of not only supporting their team members in the workplace but also at home, where Sonder’s 24/7 service is available for every employee and their family members. This gives family members access to the same full range of care and support, allowing team members peace of mind that their family is in good hands and has access to support - no matter the time!

Requests to Sonder’s support team have ranged from:
  • Acute and routine medical advice
  • Relationship challenges
  • Work-related stress
  • Safety concerns
  • Complex and long-standing mental health issues.
Marley Spoon takes great pride in creating a positive wellbeing culture, and Sonder plays a pivotal role in further enhancing this through its leading support and team of experts to help Marley Spooners.

The result
Together, Marley Spoon and Sonder are the perfect pair.

Since Marley Spoon and Sonder joined forces, employee feedback on the service has been very well received - further strengthening the team’s wellbeing.

Sonder has supported team members over the phone, over chat, and proactively through its extensive hub of articles and resources. In-person Sonder Responders have also been on hand to be by a member’s side through domestic situations, all the way through to road traffic accidents and breakdowns.

The leaders at Marley Spoon have been provided dedicated guidance by Sonder experts when responding to critical incidents, including workplace injury, serious illness, and accidents

This support empowers them to not only perform their job during a crisis but also to provide the necessary assistance to their colleagues.

Marley Spoon’s leadership team are supported with an insights-led, impactful, and scalable employee wellbeing solution that meets the growing needs of the business.

Furthermore, Marley Spoon’s leaders have confidence in understanding their team’s wellbeing thanks to Sonder’s real-time insights and data, helping reduce potential areas of concern and setting up the business culture to thrive.

Marley Spoon Head of Operations
Organisational wellbeing & safety.

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