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    Tune into our all-star panel insights and supercharge your team's success

    Discover strategies to unlock your team's full potential, while ensuring a healthy balance of high performance, wellbeing, and resilience. Watch on-demand now!

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On-demand webinars and podcasts

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    Webinar: Balancing performance & wellbeing

    Gain valuable expert advice in balancing high performance, wellbeing, and resilience in teams, as well as strategies for unlocking your team's potential.

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    Webinar: Ready to tackle psychosocial risks?

    Gain valuable panel insights from leading organisations on fostering a safe and healthy workplace and reducing psychosocial risks.

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    Stream: Advancing workplace mental health

    In this live event stream gain transformative insights and content to reshape your outlook on workplace mental health strategies.

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    Webinar: Comparing EAPs and modern alternatives

    Gain expert advice on comparing employee assistance options in the market and how to confidently switch to a modern EAP alternative.

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    Safety webinar: Are your people safe?

    Learn the current trends, strategies and challenges on frontline worker safety with a spotlight on customer aggression and critical incidents.

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    Active Care Matters: Going beyond 9 to 5

    This webcast will help ensure you are meeting employee needs and how to build a successful wellbeing culture beyond traditional ticks and flicks.

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    Active Care Matters: Making compliance work for your organisation

    This webcast highlights wellbeing and safety compliance best practices and the government's role promoting psychological safety in the workplace.

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    Active Care Matters: Unlocking insights with technology

    A webcast on Tim's insights on health data's impact and quality improvement, showcasing digital health's support of new care models with innovative solutions.

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    Webinar: Nurturing financial wellness in your workforce

    Join our webinar, where experts from Sonder and TelstraSuper will provide practical insights and solutions for supporting your employees' financial wellness during the festive season.

    🚀What you'll gain from this session:
    ✅ Explore financial strain’s impact on personal and work
    ✅ Find effective financial tools for team literacy
    ✅ Learn how to support your teams over the holidays

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Past Events

Natalie Jones from Quantium and Dr Jamie Phillips from Sonder, at Sonder’s employee wellbeig event.

Sonder serves up employee wellbeing evidence (Sydney event)

Too many leaders are investing money in wellbeing initiatives that are not evidence-based and/or are increasing their organisational risk. These are just two of the truths shared at Sonder’s recent event (held in partnership with Marley Spoon) for wellbeing…

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Bec Goulter from the National Retail Association talks at Sonder’s event about customer hostility.

The impact of customer hostility on a workforce in distress (Sydney event)

Since the start of the pandemic, some retailers have seen instances of aggression from customers increase by up to 400 per cent. With this in mind, Sonder recently brought together business leaders from consumer-facing sectors to discuss the impact…

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Wellbeing agent of change: Jane Bourke (Melbourne event)

Recently, we were delighted to host a gathering of wellbeing leaders at our Agents of change for organisational wellbeing event in Melbourne. Transformational change only happens when leaders ‘walk the talk’, so we were keen to hear how two…

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