The ripple effect

How much does lost productivity cost your organisation?

When an employee is absent, not working at full capacity, or bringing negative energy to work due to poor wellbeing, it can cause a ripple effect across workplaces.

This evidence-backed report will help you:

  • Understand the ripple effect of poor employee wellbeing
  • See the ripple effect in action
  • Calculate the hidden cost of lost productivity
  • Minimise the impact on your organisation
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Poor employee wellbeing can cause organisations to:

  • Incur additional costs
    • Payments to substitute workers
    • Increased workers’ compensation premiums
    • Higher outlays for employee support programs
    • Replacement of employees
  • Lose revenue
    • Reduced output
    • Missed deadlines
    • Lost business opportunities
  • Increase risk exposure
    • Team morale
    • Company goodwill
    • Physical and psychological safety
60% of employees juggled extra work duties in the previous 12 months when a colleague was absent. Sonder Australia data.

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