Get psychosocial risk ready

Foster a psychologically safe and healthy workplace with Sonder - the complete employee care platform


Foster a psychologically safe and healthy workplace with Sonder - the complete employee care platform

"I wanted to work on proactive wellbeing, not reactive. Sonder gave us the opportunity to provide our employees with insights and education as well as a 24/7 support service"

Jodi Adams, HR Director, Medline

Take control of the risks = take care of your people

Mitigate the risk and potential harm of common psychosocial hazards with Sonder

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    Remote or isolated

    Make sure help is never far away even when your people are.

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    Exposure to traumatic
    events and material

    Traumatic events can happen at random, how you respond as an employer doesn't have to be.

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    Violence and

    People think: The customer's always right Workers know: Customers can be aggressive!

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    High job demands

    High job demands shouldn't automatically lead to burnout - equip your people to handle the pressure.

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    + more

    Get in touch to learn more about the hazards we can help your workplace with!

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How our care platform helps you foster a safe and healthy workplace

How our care platform helps you foster a safe and healthy workplace

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  • Reduce burnout risk from high job demands

    Push notifications prompt your people to check-in before they’ve checked out.

  • Respond quickly to traumatic events

    With 24/7 mental health & medical support your team get help in seconds not days.

  • Prevent remote or isolated worker harm

    With our self-managed safety tools like Check on Me your people hit go before they hit the road.

  • Reduce the impact of violence or aggression

    Our critical incident response prioritises care for those most affected, minimising operational disruption.

Expand your duty of care not your workload

Integrate Sonder with your workplace health, safety & wellbeing process to ensure help is available for those who need it most, in context of risk controls you have in place.


"Now you need a suite of tools around your people"

The insights you need to get ahead of your risks

Sonder reporting goes beyond the hazards, helping you identify changes to the psychological health and safety of your workforce and helps you measure the effectiveness of other risk controls.


Get immediate updates on incidents and issues so you can understand what's going on with your team, any time, anywhere.

Receive monthly reports with registration performance, engagement statistics and usage insights. For our larger customers we provide self-serve dashboards.

Every quarter we review your organisation's data - including engagement levels, case types and critical incidents, as well as broader trends, insights and useful tools.

Based on data from hundreds of organisations, our quarterly reports identify past trends to help inform your future wellbeing strategy.


New to the world of psychological health and safety?

You're not alone. To ease the overwhelm we've got a range of practical resources to help you get started.

Are you psychosocial risk-ready?

This webinar offers practical insights from industry leaders on how to reduce psychosocial risk and foster a healthy workplace.


Don't settle for anything less than high-quality care for your people

Sonder supports over 600k employees across AU, NZ and the UK

"The 24/7 human response is a life saver. My depression often hits the hardest at night, outside business hours and having Sonder is life changing."

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Member, VIC

Member since May 2019

Overall member feedback
feel like they have more support options available with Sonder
believe that help is more accessible if they need it
said they would be disappointed if Sonder was no longer available
feel safer at work and or commuting with access to Sonder and its safety features

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Reduce your exposure and get risk ready.

Sonder's care platform drives harm prevention, early intervention and fast support & recovery. Speak with our team about how Sonder can help your workforce get psychosocial risk ready.