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Active Care Matters

28 minutes / 10 July 2023


Unlocking health insights with technology

Tim Shaw, an inspiring digital health leader, shares insights on health data's impact, quality improvement, and professional development with Craig Cowdrey. Discover how digital health supports new care models with innovative solutions while ensuring equity and access.

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More about the episode with Professor Tim Shaw

  • B654_Podcast landing2_Ep3 Tim

    Tim Shaw,
    Professor eHealth, University of Sydney

    Tim is an inspiring leader in the field of digital health, with an impressive history of cultivating innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.

    As a Professor of Digital Health, University of Sydney, he has been instrumental in driving research initiatives and building partnerships that promote evidence-based healthcare models.

    His accomplishments over the last 5 years have been remarkable, having served as a Chief Investigator on more than 30 high-impact research and development projects totalling over $124M. Tim is committed to transforming care through data-driven technology.

  • Summary:

    Craig and Tim sit down to discuss some of Tim's recent research projects, including the Practice Analytics program, post-health event management, disruptive technologies, and digital technologies for remote indigenous communities.

    Tim shares some interesting stories from his investigations into the use of technology to improve health outcomes, especially during the pandemic.

    Hear his perspective on how the healthcare sector has been transformed by the digital revolution and how e-health has addressed the barriers to care.

  • Themes:

    Unlocking health and wellbeing insights with technology. Key matters discussed in the episode include:

    • Digitising Healthcare: Evolution, benefits, insights, and how digital health supports new models of care;
    • Improving Care: Practice Analytics program research. Improvements for clinicians and teams to monitor performance and care; and
    • Measuring Impact: How post-event health techs prevent adverse events, and empower self-health management.


    Hear his perspective on how the digital revolution has transformed the healthcare sector and how e-health has addressed the barriers to care.

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Join Craig Cowdrey as he sits down with some of the world's leading minds, to discuss ways in which they actively manage their own wellbeing, and how that translates to empowering others - in their
organisation and their community.

As the co-founder and CEO of Sonder, Craig's career across law, diplomacy and the military has taken him all over the world supporting governments and corporations to get the best from people. He now leads a high-performing company that's pioneering Active Care solutions for organisations globally.

This series discusses mental and physical health issues that may include self harm and suicide. The views and opinions expressed in the series are those of the individuals interviewed and do not necessarily reflect Sonder's official policy or position. Some episodes are for mature audiences and include language and subject matter that may not be suitable for young listeners. Listener discretion is advised.