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About Discovery Parks

Discovery Parks, part of G'day Group, is the largest owner and operator of lifestyle holiday parks in Australia. Offering authentic cabin and camping accommodations alongside top-notch facilities, Discovery Parks provides the ultimate backdrop for creating cherished memories. Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, the Discovery Parks team consists of 2,500 employees, with the majority based in the holiday parks.

The Challenge

Caring for the safety and wellbeing of your employees is no small feat, and when a significant amount of these employees are based in remote areas it gets even more difficult. This is the exact challenge faced by Discovery Parks, with approximately 2,000 of their workforce stationed in remote holiday parks like Kings Canyon, Rottnest Island, El Questro. Employees based in remote areas not only face limited access to medical and wellbeing facilities but there is also a serious concern for their safety when travelling to and from work.

While Discovery Parks already had a traditional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in place, they realised they needed a more proactive approach to support their people, particularly their remote teams. Their focus was on finding a comprehensive solution that could help prevent burnout, provide access to medical and mental health care, and offer safety support for their employees.

"We started exploring alternative solutions as we really wanted to better serve our employees in remote areas. We knew that we wanted more than what a traditional EAP offered."

Christy Tepaiho - People & Culture Manager - Discovery Parks

The Solution

To address these challenges, Discovery Parks partnered with Sonder in 2022, providing their employees with 24/7 access to medical, safety and mental health support.

Sonder's safety features were particularly attractive to the Discovery Parks team. Features like the in-app safety notices and Track my journey alleviate stress for team leaders, especially park managers in remote locations. With Track my journey, employees are able to share their journeys home with managers, reducing the need for constant check-ins and providing peace of mind to both employees and managers.

Additionally, Sonder's medical support proved to be a game-changer, allowing employees to connect with a Sonder nurse instantly, anytime, day or night. This immediate access to medical advice helped prevent unnecessary trips to doctors or hospitals, which was especially beneficial for remote workers who lacked easy access to medical facilities. 35% of support cases from the Discovery Parks team are medical related, proving that this has been a great value add for the team. 60% of support cases occur outside of typical 9-5 business hours, highlighting a clear demand for 24/7 support and the importance of having continuous assistance available when it matters most.

"Sonder is a wonderful and highly valued resource, not just for me and my team, but also for our families. This level of access from Discovery Parks is not necessary but shows investment in people beyond the office."

Anonymous Employee - Discovery Parks

The partnership with Sonder also has a positive impact on Discovery Parks' employee value proposition, as it continues to serve as an attractive benefit for potential new hires, particularly those considering opportunities in remote areas.

The Results

Since partnering with Sonder, Discovery Parks has experienced overwhelmingly positive feedback from their employees, especially those based in remote areas. The safety features, Check on me and Track my journey, have instilled a sense of security, while access to a Sonder nurse 24/7 provides prompt medical support and has reduced unnecessary medical visits. With 66% of all employees reaching out to Sonder via chat, it's evident that offering a lower threshold for seeking care is greatly appreciated by the Discovery Parks team.

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